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How to live in space

Axsysnav has performed a study for the French space agency (CNES) that created a database of organisations working in the area of space habitation. A public-friendly extract of the data has been prepared and made into a presentation. We invite you to have a look at how humans could be living on the moon, mars and beyond in 2040.

Mars habitat
Axsysnav presentation for CNES

Copernicus mentoring for the European Commission

The European Commission, in the frame of the H2020 programme, has re-appointed Simon Chambers, for the fourth consecutive year as a business mentor to help create innovation in the Earth Observation sector (safety, environment, transport and climate).

Private companies, equipped with an EO application idea, will benefit from business process mentoring in order to get their service to market as soon as possible.

SME from all over Europe are eligible for this support in order to foster innovation and create new opportunities in this exciting market. Have a look

Simon Chambers is also a certified coaching for another EC programme, the H2020 SME Instrument and has performed over 20 assignments for private companies in Europe.