Good news for companies seeking funding from the SME Instrument programme. Here is a quick list of the improvements over the next two years (with more information available upon request):

1) Phase 1 funding going from 48 M€ in 2018 to 58 M€ in 2020. Phase 2 funding increases from 420 M€ to 511 M€ over the same period. These are both improvements on the figures from 2016-2017.

2) Now there are no individual set topics that your proposal must fit into, the innovation challenge is open to your disruptive ideas!

3) New emphasis on project results, economically and socially, both in the EU and even globally. This is reflected in increased emphasis on “impact” during the evaluation process and less so on “excellence” and “implementation”.

4) Before final approval, the CEO of the candidate company will have to pass a face-to-face interview with a panel in Brussels, composed of representatives from the EC and private business. Axsysnav can also provide guidance here.

Our company, Axsysnav, will continue to support clients obtaining EU funding, as it has been doing successfully for the last 10 years. Contact Simon Chambers for a personal interview today!